“Thanks to Manrina and the team. From start to finish I felt like I was in good hands, professional and informative. Delighted with the results.”


Natasha Grano

“Huge thanks to Manrina and the team for a great experience which has resulted in a smile I can now be confident about. It was such a good experience and I’m very thankful to Manrina for her superb ability and professional approach.”


Thank you so much for my new smile!
I am so glad of my new teeth and this has reboosted my self-confidence!
More than anything, during this experience, I do appreciate all the team patience, understanding and help.
I definitely believe I made the best choice, by coming to The London Smile Clinic.
Manrina, thanks for being so patient, nice and lovely.
All the best

Thank you every me has made this a really easy and quick process. Everyone has been so kind and lovely throughout the entire treatment. Many thanks.’

Thank you Manrina and Team, for your patience and understanding. You all helped me getting over a big fear. It’s important how you can trust people who can change you life for good!

Thanks so much, Manrina & Kassie!! My smile looks so much better now, and Anyy is a very happy man, too!

Big thanks to the whole team – amazing experience and awesome outcome. I love my new smile

I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you have done (so far) I’ll be back in Dec, so I’ll not make this too awkward. But – your reassurance and care has been nothing short of brilliant. I can’t thank you enough for my wedding (& beyond) smile. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Not only was Manrina the coolest, friendliest dentist I’ve ever had, but she was by far the best!! She is intuitive, highly skilled and incredibly personable. I always felt at ease even though some of my appointments were very long.
I have the most amazing teeth now! I swear, I have better gnashers than everyone in Hollywood! Never before have I been the subject of envy over my pearly whites!
Incredibly natural colour and shape, healthier, comfortable.. And I have 10 crowns in the top!
Plus, Manrina said I can drink red wine at parties and be the only person whose teeth stay sparkly white! Cheers! Red ?

Manrina, Dawn and all the others who saw me through a brighter smile and amazing veneer on my front tooth. Never had a singing, bubbly dentist with so many smiles and the whole experience has been one I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues legumes about how professional and pleasant it was. Thanks again!